Our Partners & Supporters

With gratitude

The Ignatius Jesuit Centre of Guelph joined in collaboration with the Guelph International Resource Centre (GIRC) and the "seeds" of the Plant an Old-Growth Forest Project were sown.  Other organizations and individuals have also come together to help us Plant an Old-Growth Forest, now named the Ignatius Old-Growth Forest, the 500-year project.

Dougan and Associates

The Old-Growth Forest Project thanks Dougan and Associates Ecological Consulting and Design

The Ignatius Jesuit Centre is very grateful to the staff of Dougan and Associates Ecological Consulting and Design for their generosity in supporting the Old-Growth Forest Project with their volunteer efforts to produce "Ecological Restoration Opportunities & Priorities."  Dougan and Associates staff contributed many volunteer hours, both in the field and at the office, to produce this document which will form the basis of ecological restoration planning for the Old-Growth Forest Project.

Thank you all!

To view the document click here:  Ignatius Report